Next Generation Mobile Technology for connecting the Internet of Things

Based on LoRaWAN ecosystem
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Long Range

Long Range: 4-5 times greater than existing 2G/3G/4G networks. Deep indoor coverage 1m bellow street level. Simple star topology

Maximum Battery Lifetime

Optimized for extra long battery life 10-year battery life-cycle with a single charge

Low Devices Cost

Mature ecosystem with more than 10m devices in operation. Optimized infrastructure. Low cost end-node. Open ecosystem with multiple suppliers.

About us

Internet of things connectivity made simple

IoTNet  LTD is a LoRaWAN operator providing low power wide are network connectivity service and in the area of Bulgaria. We envisage creating an ecosystem of IoT solutions, supported by best of class LPWAN infrastructure covering South East Europe

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LoRaWAN Introduction

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